• we are a company with 18 years of experience
  • we design all types of buildings
  • we design new buildings and project for refurbishment of old buildings
  • we are a team of construction engineers and architects
  • we manage our projects as principal engineers or lead engineers
  • we supply complete projects in all design phases
  • we provide engineering support services
  • we also process our projects in BIM 3D standard

We established the design office m3m s.r.o. in 2006. We specialize in design focused on construction engineering. We provide comprehensive development and management of projects in all phases, i.e., from the study to the architect’s supervision and cooperation during the final inspection for the Certificate of Use. We always deliver complete project documentation, including all necessary specialist projects and studies. We can carry out jobs in the position of a principal/lead architect, including the project’s lead engineer. We carry out engineering supporting services and provide the necessary surveys if required. For each project, we set up a team to provide comprehensive professional care to our clients.

Our office focuses mainly on cooperation with renowned Czech and foreign architectural offices and investors. We particularly appreciate our cooperation with Meier Partners. We use our professional experience and the ability of creative dialogue with architects for successful cooperation. Many of our buildings have won various awards.

We handle smaller architectural jobs in-house and can design solutions optimal for the investor’s vision.

We use the Building Information Model (BIM) for building design. Thanks to BIM, we can design buildings optimally, coordinate them better, and obtain an accurate basis for the bills of quantities.

Current partners in m3m are ing. Michal Pokorný, ing. Martin Kovařík and ing. Petr Franze. The company’s insurance coverage amounts to CZK 20 million.


Ing. Michal Pokorný

Engineer licensed in the field of construction engineering ČKAIT 000 7199

1984 – 1989CTU in Prague (ČVUT), majored in construction engineering
1989 – 1991SÚRPMO
1992Koehler und Seitz (Nurnberg)
1993 – 1998Atelier PaK s.r.o.
1999 – 2004DaM s.r.o.
2005 – 2006A69 architekti s.r.o.
2006 –m3m s.r.o., manager and partner

Ing. Martin Kovařík

Engineer licensed in the field of construction engineering ČKAIT 000 8735

1991 – 1997CTU in Prague (ČVUT), majored in construction engineering
1995 – 1997AND s.r.o.
1997 – 2006self-employed engineer cooperating with architectural offices
2006 –m3m s.r.o., manager and partner

Ing. Petr Franze

Engineer licensed in the field of construction engineering ČKAIT 00 13427

1997 – 2004CTU in Prague (ČVUT), majored in construction engineering
1999 – 2003self-employed engineer cooperating with architectural offices
2004 – 2004Skanska CZ, curtain wall system engineer
2004 – 2006Reconstruction s.r.o.
2006 – 2012m3m s.r.o.
2012 –m3m s.r.o., partner

Partner office

We established m3w in Český Krumlov in 2016 together with our long-term team members Karel and Mirka Watzko.
The two firms cooperate on a wide range of joint assignments.

In addition to such joint ventures, m3w handles all kinds of separate jobs.
Current partners in m3w are ing. Karel Watzko, ing Mirka Watzko, and m3m. The company’s insurance coverage amounts to CZK 10 million.

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