Administration of Lesy města Pískuapproved for use 2010
Flekačky, Písek
performance phase:documentation on building construction09/2008 (consultation and design of selected building structures)
cost:20 millions CZK
investor:Lesy města Písku
architect:e-MRAK – Martin Rajniš architektonická kancelář
description:row floor area / building volume510 m2 / 2 180 m3
number of above- / underground floors1 / 0
new-building / reconstructionnew-building
functionmultifunction building with the administration, educational rooms and service flats
number of parking lots2 on the ground
BOILER ROOM LIBČICEapproved for use 2017
Areál šroubáren, Libčice nad Vltavounomination for EU prize for contemporary architecture - Mies Van Der Rohe Awards 2009
performance phase:documentation on building construction08/2015
cost:20 mil.czc
architect:Atelier Hoffman
description:row floor area / building volume850 m2 /7200 m3
number of above- / underground floors1/1
new-building / reconstructionreconstruction
number of parking lots
Canadian embassy in Pragueapproved for use 2013
Ve struhách, Praha 6
performance phase:documentation on decision on land use05/2010
documentation on building permit10/2010
documentation on building construction04/2011
cost:85 millions Kč
architect:Pata & Frydecky architekti
description:row floor area / building volume2 550 m2 / 10 250 m3
number of above- / underground floors3 / 1
new-building / reconstructionnew-building / reconstruction
functionpart A – chancellorship, administration; part B - residence, living
number of parking lots11 on the ground
LASVIT COMPANY OFFICEunder construction
Palackého a nová ulice, Nový Bor
performance phase:documentation on building permit05/2015
documentation on building construction11/2016
cost:60 mil. CZK
architect:ov architekti
description:row floor area / building volume2 200 m2 / 7 000 m3
number of above- / underground floors2 + attic / 1
new-building / reconstructionnew building / reconstruction
functionreconstruction of two historic houses partly urban and newly built two other buildings, administrative, exhibition and production, glass features
number of parking lots10 on the ground
3900 Spring of freedom st. nw. Washington , DC., USA
performance phase:preliminary study08/2011
concept design01/2013
cost:350 millions Kč
investor:MZV ČR
architect:Chalupa architekti
description:row floor area / building volume5 490m2 / 24300m3
number of above- / underground floors3 /0
new-building / reconstructionnew building
functionconsulate building combines three functions - representative, office and housing. These functions are expressed by different facades. The fourth facade is green roof.
number of parking lots34
U mostu, Sukova, Říčany
performance phase:documentation on building permit07/2017
documentation on buiding construction11/2017
cost:60 mil. czk
investor:Town Říčany
architect:IGLOO architekti
description:row floor area / building volume2 700m2 / 9 550m3
number of above- / underground floors2 /1
new-building / reconstructionnew building
functionthe community center building complements urban spaces with shared office, classroom and hall rooms and is designed in a passive standard
number of parking lots22 in underground garages, 6 on terrain
U Vinných sklepů, Prahy Vysočany
performance phase:documentation on building permit09/2014
cost:95 mil. CZK
investor:České vinařské závody
architect:A12 architekti / m3m (cooperation)
description:row floor area / building volume5700 m2 / 28 000 m3
number of above- / underground floors3 /1 Villa, 1/1 Viticulture object
new-building / reconstructionreconstruction
functionAdaptation of unused area in the center of wine for the public and training center Czech winery
number of parking lots50 on the ground