MALEŠICE PARK approved for use 2013
Malešický park, Praha 10 - Malešice
performance phase:tender (technical design)01/2012
documentation on building construction (technical design)01/2012
cost:100 millions CZK
investor:MČ Praha 10
architect:IAV architektonická kancelář
description:row floor area / building volume
number of above- / underground floors0 / 0
new-building / reconstructionpark revitalization
functionMalesice Park revitalization including additional functions - water cascades, fountains, pergolas, modifications to the park, which was established in the 70th the last century, the emergence of the modern leisure center, full of greenery and opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation
number of parking lots
ELITHE BATH – RIVER DIAMONDapproved for use 2015
Rohanské nábřeží, Praha 8 - Karlín
performance phase:documentation on building construction (building part)09/2015
description:row floor area / building volume460 m2/1740 m3
number of above- / underground floors1 / 0
new-building / reconstructionbuilding alterations of existing commercial units on the ground floor of River Diamond
functionShowroom ELITE BATH presenting residential sanitary facilities of higher standard
number of parking lots
Prague castle, Prague, Bratislava castle, Bratislava East slovak museum, Košice
performance phase:studies, tender documentation06/2015, 04/2016, 03/2017
investor:Archaeological Institute of the Czech Republic, Slovakia,
architect:DaM / m3m Petr Burian, Michal Pokorný
description:row floor area / building volumeomitted
number of above- / underground floorsomitted
new-building / reconstructionomitted
functionTemporary exhibitions on the theme of European unification and heritage the time of Charlemagne
number of parking lots
Revitalization of river bankapproved for use 2010 - implementation in violation with documentation on building permit
Rašínovo, Masarykovo a Dvořákovo nábřeží, Praha 1-2
performance phase:study03/2009
documentation on building permit04/2009
cost:45 millions CZK
investor:TSK hl.m. Prahy
architect:m3m - Michal Pokorný, Daniel Piecuch
description:row floor area / building volume
number of above- / underground floors0 / 1
new-building / reconstructionthe portals and adaptation of the riverside underground rooms reconstruction of the 11 existing ship connection points new-building of the 6 ship connection points and other 8 multipurpose connection points on the river bank
functionuplift of architectural parterre of the riverside, supplementation of technical and sanitary infastructure of the river bank, adaptation of the riverside underground store-rooms for multipurpose usage
number of parking lots
ČEZ Aréna Ostrava
Ruská 135, Ostrava - Zábřeh
performance phase:audit12/2008
investor:Mott MacDonald
description:row floor area / building volume70 000 m2 / 500 000 m3
number of above- / underground floors3 / 1
new-building / reconstructionreconstruction
functiontechnical audit of construction and architectural part including evaluation of needed reconstructions and repairs, support for design of reduction of the energy intensity
number of parking lots