Hotel Metropolapproved for use 2007
Národní 33, Praha 1nomination for EU prize for contemporary architecture - Mies Van Der Rohe Awards 2009
performance phase:documentation on building construction07/2006 (selected structural units)
cost:90 millions CZK
investor:Speciál Tours Praha
architect:dum architekti
description:row floor area / building volume2 090 m2 / 7 200 m3
number of above- / underground floors9 / 2
new-building / reconstructionnew-building
functionthe new-building of a four stars nine-floor hotel with a restaurant in the parterre and a convention hall in the basement
number of parking lots0
APARTHOTEL SVATÝ VAVŘINECapproved for use 2018
Pec pod Sněžkou, parc. č. 398, 26/2
performance phase:documentation on area management1/2013
documentation on building permit6/2014
cost:160 mil. CZK
architect:ov architekti
description:row floor area / building volume8 000 m2 / 28 300 m3
number of above- / underground floors5 / 3
new-building / reconstructionnew building and partial reconstruction of the existing shopping center
functionabove ground floors are used for 68 flats or studios; underground floors are used for shops, shop facilities, parking, wellness and technical facilities
number of parking lots79 (49 in underground garages, 30 in terrain)
Seminary hotel Dobřichovice
5. května 3, Dobřichovice
performance phase:documentation on decision on land use12/2007
documentation on building permit07/2008 (1.fáze)
cost:420 millions CZK
investor:Dob Invest
description:row floor area / building volume16 700 m2 / 68 900 m3
number of above- / underground floors3 / 1
new-building / reconstructionnovostavba dvorních a obvodových objektů 14 880 m2 rekonstrukce stávajících objektů 1820 m2
functionthe hotel premises with 122 rooms including hinterland, two convention halls, a restaurant, a wellness, a fitness, swimming pool, a bowling, a wine cellar and a mini-golf court
number of parking lots131 in the underground garages
Aquapura Prague
Újezd 16 / Vítězná 18, Praha 1
performance phase:documentation on building permit08/2008
cost:400 millions CZK
investor:Aquapura Hotels, Villas & Spa Prague
architect:AIRES MATEUS / DaM
description:row floor area / building volume9 500 m2 / 36 870 m3
number of above- / underground floors6 / 2
new-building / reconstructionnew-building of courtyard structure 4 570 m2 reconstruction of existing structures 4 930 m2
functionhotel with 48 rooms including hinterland, 4 lofts, restaurant, balneotherapy, fitness, basin
number of parking lots28 in underground garages